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Group classes

Just wanted to say how well I sleep on a Thursday and Friday night now, I put it down purely to your class on a Thursday!       Lisa

This yoga class and Kay have given me a whole new way of exercising and thinking. My yoga practice helps me in my day to day life and with the stresses of my job. I love all the breathing techniques and mind focussing activities as well as the postures. Kay is clued up on her yoga theory and shares interesting information with the class. Ive now been part of the class for almost 10 years! Once u start u won't want to stop!         Cassie 



Thank you so much for what your class did for me, it really helped me have the birth I wanted.       Joanne

There were many times where I used your breathing techniques to relax and quiet my mind.... I used the breathing to relax my mind to keep the anxiety and sometimes sheer panic from overtaking me.  Thank you so much for your care and support for us all.          Jenni

A big thank you for the yoga sessions. They really helped with what was a difficult labour and delivery. I have no doubt that the breathing techniques I learned during the sessions with you really got me through it.         Sarah

Everything i learned about breathing, moving around, different positions and thinking positively that really helped me through. Thanks again for making my pregnancy and birth much calmer and easier.          Annie

The birth was the most incredible experience.  Thank you so very much for all the wisdom that you have shared at our yoga classes and the strong sense of support and care that you have provided.  I’m sure it all contributed to the easy labour.  I didn’t have time to make use of all the tools and tricks you’d equipped us with but the breathing was key.         Jo

I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for the techniques and mind set that you taught me in your classes.  I really focused on my breathing and it was invaluable throughout my labour.       Hannah



The postnatal yoga sessions with Kay are great! It puts me in touch with my own body and gently builds up my core strength again after giving birth. Moreover, it gives me some much needed 'me' time as Kay is brilliant in entertaining my baby whilst I practice.         Laetitia